You buying? I'm Declining.

Feeling a bit fancy Huh? Went to SL fashion week and broke down when i saw these shoes even thou I told myself no more shoes until my inventory is clean, I...don't.....have....control. HELP ME! If that wasnt enough I went to Whatever main store and loved these amazing Jewelry set so pretty and classic matched the shoes perfect. As my mind wanders, which it does a lot, I had this picture in mind after visiting one of my friends land, such an incredible scene great for photos and you can rez? yeah SOLD! even if you dont take photos its a great place to hang out stop by when you get a chance and take a look...TP Here!

Hair: [e] Thrive
Headband: [The Sea Hole] Shimmer Hairband Heavy Metal (C88)
Shirt: [Ricielli] Sleveless Shirt / Gradient
Skirt: [Cynful] Vale's Turtleneck Dress *Just wearing the bottom part*

Stockings: [Izzie's] Tights desert
Shoes: [whatever] CG Spikes (SL Fashion Week)
Jewelry Set:
[Whatever] armband mesh - gold
[whatever] Mesh cross ring - Gold
[Whatever] spike ring- Gold