Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Milestone

Hey Lovies, I'm super excited to celebrate 50,000 views. After 2 years of blogging and moving from tumblr to blog spot, I must say it has been a journey and I have to Thank you for supporting me through it all. Thank you for every sponsor and everyone that have stuck by me from day one. People that have put my blog down cause it didn't have enough "views" I thank you as well cause it gave me the motivation to do more, not because I needed your sponsorship but to prove to myself that I can do it and it open my eyes to the crazy of second life and made me so much more thankful for the people that are on my corner regardless of view counts but was there cause they like what I had to offer. 

On a lighter note I just going to do a little dance, shaking my booty, to celebrate this milestone. Blogging is more than a hobby to me its a passion. I've been on second life for about 7 years (Holy Shit, I'm old) and I remember just putting outfits together and crating a Flickr just to take photos in such pretty creations clothes and landscaping, from there some friends encouraged me to open a tumblr and blog from time to time so I did and to my surprise after a year I was still doing it and loving it from there I created a Blog spot and started to open myself up to sponsors taking it more serious and 2 years later still enjoying it. Playing dress up and putting outfits together is something I just love to do from the chaos of looking for that perfect headband to complete an outfit or the amazing shoes that I want to wear in every post or even the simple eyeliner that makes your eye color pop, to me its the little things that can set me off to do a whole look. Blogging also helped me to know more of you, When I'm out shopping and get that random IM from someone that likes the blog and takes out the time to tell me and becoming friends and shopping buddies that enjoy what I enjoy doing or meeting people to mix our minds together and collaborating its amazing. 

I just appreciated it all and just to put it simple THANK YOU!

*Sorry for the ramble, I'm just excited* 

Skin: [Birdy] Delilah / Toffee
Eyes: [Dead Apples] Shuttered / Muted Brown
Hair: [Spellbound] Snowberry / Brunettes
Jacket: [Cynful] Cropped Denim / Tan @ The 100 Block
Dress: [VinCue] Maxxi+Dress / Salmon @ The Season Story
Make-Up #1: [Mon Cheri] Falsies Eyelash
Make-Up #2: [Fishy Strawberry] Allure Faded Lipstick
Make-Up #3: [Utopiah] My Bloody Nose #4
Hair Accessory: [Atooly] The Kenzi Bow / White
Belt: [Molichino] Haley (Part of Haley Dress)
Necklace: [Bens Beauty] Shiny Cross / Gold
Bracelet: [Gabriel] Curb Chain / Gold
Hands: [Slink] Av Enhance - Casual Hand
Feet: [Slink] Av Enhance - Flat Feet
Shoes: [VinCue] Sandy+Platty / Snow @ The Season Story


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