Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kawaii Galore!

Sneak Peek of whats to come to Oh My Gacha! on the 1st of July...I included the landmark but please don't tp in as the event is only open to designers to set up. Hold on to that wallets tight cause it will be a bumping ride I hope to see you all there on Opening Day! <3

OMG - Gacha - July 1st - July 15th

Necklace: [Yumyums] Plastik Candy -ULTRA RARE- / Yummyummy
Headband: [Luas] Kawaii Ice Cream / Strawberry
Ring: [Luas] Cupcake / Blue
Friend: [Luas] Bat / Blue
Pillow: [Chus!] My Favorite Pillow / Check Pink & Blue
Plushie #1: [Bad] Its So Fluffeh -RARE- / Polka
Plushie #2: [Bad] Its So Fluffeh -RARE- / Plaid

Now to the rest of my look :)
Skin: [Deetalez] Gemma Lips 2 / Eastern
Eyes: [Dead Apples] Solar II / Woods @ The Mens Dept

Hair: [Taketomi] Athena
Outfit: [Kata0nik] Marina / Navy @ Collabor 88
Make-Up #1: [L'Douce Push] Liner @ The Big Show
Make-Up #2: [Illmatic] Smoothed Baby Hairs / Chocolate
Ears: [Mandala] Stretched Omimi
Mouth: [Loud Mouth] Alli Open v1.5
Hands: [Slink] Av Enhance - Elegant Hand
Feet: [Slink] Av Enhance - Flat
Body: [Wowmeh] Fitted Mesh Insize
Backpack: [Geek] Fishies / Pink @ The Summer of Love Fair -June 27th
Shoes: [2Real] Artfex

LunchBox: Not To Be Mentioned! :/
*Was informed the item was copybotted, Please excuse it from this post*


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