Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Almost Is Never Enough

Hey Lovies, I've been blogging crazy trying to catch up still and as always "trying" to get my inventory in order (Seems like that is never going to happen) Every time I get in there I seem to get lost in my clothes and putting things on and wanting to blog -heehee- But one day is going to happen and you all will celebrate with me, until than I hope you all enjoying the outfits that are forming together.

I got a little bored of my templates and decided to try for a new one, I'm not sure if I really like it or that I need to get use to it, The whole white border is new to me so please bare with me if it changes again. I hope you like it and if any one have suggestions I'm glad to hear them, comments as always welcome. Until next time my unicorns in training. <3

Hair: [Exile] Midnight in paris

Necklace: [Sweet Leonard] Golden Pistole *New Location*
Ring: [Sweet Leonard] Metal Rock / Gold *New Location*
Cuff: [Epoques] Triple Threat / Gold

Shirt: [Pumpkin] Ripped / Anthracite
Under Shirt: [Action] Bandeau / Birdie
Pants: [Villena] Skinny Jeans / Gray

Shoes: [Fir&Mna] Wavie
Poses By: IanFlaker Resident 


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