Friday, August 2, 2013

The One Hundredth Post!

WOW 100th Post!
I would just like to take a moment to thank a couple of people. First I would like to send a special thank you to all designers that have supported my blog and I, without you this wouldn't have been possible so quickly! Your creations and dedication is what has inspired me to blog almost everyday. With every post I've made I have tried my best in showing off all your hard work.

HOLY HELL 10k+ views! I would also like to  thank all of my readers and viewers!! I'm so happy that you all enjoyed what I have put out! I appreciate all the support and favorites on both Flickr and Facebook I've received when I was gone. There are no words to describe how you've made me feel. Lastly, I want to thank my friends and family that have stood behind me. Especially during my blogging funk, you stood beside me and pushed me to do more. Thank you again for the support that you all have given me

Thanks to that one person that has made me laugh everyday since I've been back. I would say you have been a huge part of me being happy enough to blog and get on Second Life.

With all the bullshit one has to deal with in Real Life I'm so lucky to have such a strong community by my side to keep me so loved and strong. I love you all and I can honestly say with out you, I wouldn't be here.
Now to what you all came here for The Look <3

Xoxo  -Strawberry Bubble

 Hair: [Exile] Untouched / Raven
Headband: [Sweet Leonard] Daylight Roses

Shirt: [Deetalez] Sporty Bodysuit / White
Skirt: [Drift] Dash Pencil / Pink Stripe (TDR)

Collar: [Pekka] Spiked Collar / Black-Copper
Necklace & Ring: [Sweet Leonard] Vintage Medallion / Deer
Bracelets: [Epoques] Cage & Triple Cuffs / Gold
Shoes: [Redgrave] Helena / 12 Colors
Poses by: [Focus Poses] Model 126 & 127


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