Monday, August 19, 2013

• You shouldnt eat Duck Nipples •

Hey Lovies, I was standing around second life and thinking to myself, "What happen to the old clothing stores I use to shop at?" So, I went TPing around and I saw DuckNipple not to my surprise this store is still standing strong, Beanster is an amazing creator just thought it was just builds now but nope Clothes, Clothes, Clothes So, I picked up these two items comes with a HUD and you can change it to some many different options and patterns it blows my mind how many looks you can have with just two outfits, You can mix and match with other things in your inventory. 
for a low price. 

Down below you can see the HUDs for each outfit, I'm not even going to try and convince you, you all in to just take that Limo and get your bootay and experience it for yourself. 

Happy Sunday and Happy Shopping my Lovies. Until next post Kisses -Bubbles

Look #1 
Hair: [Eaters Coma] Hair 28 / Noir
Horns: [Utopiah] My Rich Horns / Raven @ SLFW
Ring: [Sweet Leonard] Glamour Kitty
Dress: [DuckNipple] Layla
Shoes: [Tres Blah[ Saddle / Polka Dots

Look #2
Hair: [Eaters Coma] Hair 21 / Noir
Necklace & Ring: [Sweet Leonard] Diamond Bow Set / Onyx
Watch: [Ey:No] Leaf Watch / Gold
Outfit: [DuckNipple] Kasia
Feet: [Slink] Mesh Av Enhance
Sandals: [Cute Posion] Lasum Flip Flop / White

Common Use
Skin: [Deetalez] Shanice No.2 / Caramel
Beauty Marks: [Pekka] Body & Face Moles


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