Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pippi Longstocking made a sex tape

RIP Childhood.
Hey Lovies, I was reading on some crap and glimpse on a article that  
"Pippi Longstocking made a sex tape" and now my childhood is ruined. So I thought what better way to clean my mind than to blog and honor my dear Pippi.
Hope you all enjoy and have a great week. <3

Hair: [Eaters Coma] Hair 15 / Chestnut

Ears: [Mandala] Omimi Stretched / Size 2
Eyelashes: [Redgrave] 39 Luscious

Pipe: [Sweet Leonard] Hope -Bubbles- / Black
Ring: [Cute Poison] Diamond Star / Pink

Shirt: [Secret Whore] Mock Layer @ Marketplace
Panties: [Secret Whore] Taste Me Boy Shorts @ Marketplace

Feet: [Slink] Enhance Mesh
Sandals: [Cute Poison] Lasun Flip Flop / White


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